Tantalum rod characteristics and application fields

Tantalum also has excellent chemical properties and is highly resistant to corrosion. No reaction was found to hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia under hot and cold conditions. Soaking tantalum in sulfuric acid at 200℃ for one year only damaged the surface layer by 0.006 mm. Tungsten molybdenum tungsten plate, plate, bar, molybdenum rods, tungsten, molybdenum, tungsten crucible, molybdenum crucible experiments show that tantalum rod under the often, the alkali solution, chlorine, bromine water, dilute sulphuric acid and many other drugs don't work, only under the effect of hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid to respond. Such a situation is relatively rare in metals.

Tantalum has a wide range of applications due to its properties. In the production of various inorganic acids in the equipment, tantalum can be used to replace stainless steel, the service life is dozens of times higher than stainless steel. In addition, in chemical, electronic, electrical and other industries, tantalum can replace the tasks that used to be performed by the precious metal platinum, so that the cost is greatly reduced.

In addition, tantalum is an important element in the production of super-strong, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel alloys, which can provide special materials necessary for developing space technologies such as rockets, spaceships and jets. Non-magnetic alloys made of tantalum and tungsten are widely used in the electrical industry, especially tantalum carbide, which is composed of tantalum and carbon. Tungsten plate, molybdenum plate, tungsten rod, molybdenum rod, tungsten tube, molybdenum tube, tungsten crucible, molybdenum crucible with it made of turning tool, can be high speed cutting many hard alloy; It can be used to replace the hardest alloys or stones. Therefore, tantalum is also considered as a "vitamin" in smelting.