Titanium plate manual tungsten plate argon arc welding test

Argon arc welding of tungsten plate is most widely used in titanium and titanium alloy welding production. Under the protection and cooling action of argon flow, the arc heat is more concentrated, the current density is high, the heat affected zone is small, and the welding quality is high.

Titanium and titanium alloy welding, when the temperature is higher than 500℃~700℃, it is easy to absorb gas, hydrogen and nitrogen in the air, seriously affect the welding quality. Therefore, titanium and titanium alloy welding, high temperature of molten pool and the letter (above 400 ℃ ~ 650 ℃) of the weld zone must be strongly protected, therefore, titanium and titanium alloy welding special protection measures must be taken when using spray size larger welding moment, in order to expand gas reserve area, when near and nozzle does not do enough to protect the weld seam area of high temperature metal, Argon - filled protective drag cover is required. The color of weld and near seam area is the indicator of protection effect. Silver-white indicates the best protection and yellow indicates slight oxidation, which is generally allowed.

Considering the practicability and efficiency of engineering use, we first prepared a simple drag cover. Argon enters the distribution tube from the air inlet and enters the protection zone directly through the distribution tube hole. The welding protection effect is not very good with this kind of drag cover, and the weld bead is dark blue. It was analyzed that the air flow from the distribution pipe directly into the protected area. The airflow is not very uniform and smooth, so that the high-temperature welding pass is not well protected by oxidation. Therefore, we further improved the structure of the drag hood. Argon gas entered the distribution tube through the air inlet and returned down through the top of the drag hood. Through the porous plate, the porous plate mainly plays the role of gas sieve and distribution, so that the argon flow is more stable, the welding protection effect is better, the welding pass is silver or river yellow. The length L of the drag cover is 40-100mm and the material is brass. Argon arc welding of titanium and titanium alloy, also should pay attention to the north of weld protection, considering the welding deformation, we adopt the method of grooving fixed copper plate for argon protection, in order to make the weld line on the back to the full protection, and added a porous copper pipe to the worse, the argon gas by the copper pipe hole evenly into the sanctuary, protection effect is good, the back bead is silvery white. Selection of welding technology and parameters for manual argon arc welding of tungsten plate.