Comprehensive performance of titanium rod

Titanium rod is a special metal, it has a small density, light weight, high specific strength, and strong corrosion resistance, it will not be black like silver, at room temperature for life to maintain its silver white color. Titanium has a high melting point and is used in aerospace. Military precision parts. In terms of chemical reaction, strong corrosive agent "aqua royale" can swallow silver, gold, and even the so-called "rust" stainless steel erosion, however, "aqua royale" to titanium is helpless, in the "aqua royale" soaked in several years of titanium, still brilliant! Stainless steel is also added to the titanium metal and anti-acid anti-alkali ability.

Titanium is stable in air at room temperature; Because titanium has a small density, strength, density is only half of steel and steel strength and similar, high temperature and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics, titanium alloy strength is higher than steel. Titanium, known as "space metal", can maintain high strength and mechanical properties in such a wide temperature range as -253℃~500℃. Since the 50's, the proportion in aerospace is more and more large, titanium alloy is made of rocket engine shell and artificial satellite, spacecraft must be made of material.

Titanium plate has a unique use in medicine, titanium metal and material contact, no chemical reaction. That is to say, because of titanium's corrosion resistance and high stability, it does not affect its essence after long-term contact with people, so it will not cause people's allergies. It is the only metal that has no effect on human plant nerves and taste. Titanium is also known as "biophile metal". In a few months, the bone will grow in the titanium splint and the thread of the titanium nail, and the new muscle will be wrapped in the titanium splint. This "titanium bone" is just like the real bone, and even titanium artificial bone can be used to treat fractures instead of being inserted into the bone.

At room temperature titanium maintains its tone unchanged throughout life, and its characteristic silver-gray hue is highly polished. Mercerizing. Matte has a good performance, is in addition to precious metals platinum, gold appropriate jewelry metals, often used in modern jewelry design abroad. But because of the high processing technology requirements of titanium, it is difficult to cast with ordinary equipment, and it is difficult to weld it with ordinary tools, so it is difficult to form a production scale. Titanium metal is light in texture but particularly strong. It is a popular jewelry material in the world. In terms of style design, it is highly praised by young white-collar workers for its simple and clean cutting, high design and low-key avant-garde style.