Superconducting application of niobium sheet

Superconducting properties of materials, niobium sheet is one of the highest critical temperature. Alloys made with niobium sheet have critical temperatures as high as 18.5 to 21 degrees absolute. You know, ultra-low temperatures are not easy to get, and people pay a huge price for them. The closer you get to absolute zero, the more you have to pay. So our requirement for superconducting materials, of course, is that the critical temperature is as high as possible. So niobium plate is the most important superconducting material at present.

One experiment was to take a ring of niobium that was cold enough to superconduct, run an electric current through it and then turn it off, and then seal the whole thing up and keep it cool. Two and a half years later, when the instrument was turned on, the current in the ring was still flowing, and almost as strong as when it was first energized!

As can be seen from this experiment, superconducting materials lose little current. If a superconducting cable is used to transmit electricity, the transmission efficiency will be greatly improved because there is no resistance and no energy loss when the current passes through.