Structure overview of titanium heat exchanger

Titanium heat exchanger is a series of titanium heat exchanger has a certain the shape of corrugated metal piled up and become a new type of thin rectangular channel formed between all kinds of efficient heat exchanger plate, half a slice through the process of heat exchange, compared to its tube and shell heat exchanger with money in the same flow resistance and pump power consumption conditions, its heat transfer coefficient up to a lot of, in the applicable scale instead of tube and shell heat exchanger Titanium plate heat exchanger heat exchanger industry plate commonly used materials are mainly austenitic stainless steel titanium and titanium alloy nickel and nickel alloy cold rolled sheet industrial pure titanium 127 for plate heat exchanger, industrial pure titanium 276 and Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni345 for tubular heat exchanger with TA1 titanium plate to create the plate heat exchanger, compared to the tubular heat exchanger has many advantages, has a strong competitiveness in the market, mainly used in chemical oil ships Seawater desalination and other heat exchange system.