Research progress on superconductivity of Niobium titanium alloy under ultra-high pressure

Niobium-titanium alloy superconductor has been widely used in thousands of known superconductors due to its excellent comprehensive properties. It is the key material in superconducting magnets for medical NMR and large scientific devices. Niobium titanium alloy is a typical binary alloy composed of transition group elements. In a previous study of the high-entropy alloy superconductor (TaNb)0.67(HfZrTi)0.33, which is composed of multiple transition group metal elements, it was found that at ultra-high pressure (pressure above million atmospheres is ultra-high pressure, 1 million atmospheres =100 GPa), The alloy exhibits exceptionally stable superconductivity. Since niobium and titanium are the main components of this high entropy alloy, the study of the superconductivity of niobium titanium alloy under ultra-high pressure can deepen the understanding of the micro-mechanism of superconductivity of high entropy alloy.