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Vanadium Sheet / Plate

Vanadium sheet

Application of Vanadium Sheet / Plate

Vanadium Foil in thickness from 5μm to 1mm is the best shielding material.
High purity Vanadium Sheet in 4N-6N is suitable for super alloy in aviation, space atomic industry, as well as the development of new alloy, electronic material section, and analysis of standard test materials, etc.

Vanadium plate

Process and specification of Vanadium Sheet / Plate

Processing technology: forging, hot rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, cold rolling.
Vanadium Sheet / Plate in the thickness of 1mm-5mm can reach 500mm in width and 1000mm in length.
Vanadium Sheet / Plate in other thickness, the length and width of which will gradually decrease as the thickness increases.

Specification range
Thickness Width Length
0.1-20mm  below 500mm below 1000mm

Our Vanadium Sheet / Plate products

Vanadium Sheet / Plate dimensions we made
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
1 150 1000
12 300 300
6 (+/-0.25) 100 250