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Overview of Vanadium

Vanadium is a rare metal with the silver-white appearance. It is a high-melting metal with the melting point of 1902℃ and the density of 6.1 g/cm3.
Vanadium has weak conductivity which is only one tenth as conductive as copper.
Compact Vanadium is stable to oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen at room temperature, and resistant to hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, alkali solutions, and seawater corrosion. Vanadium is corroded by acid, hydrofluoric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid.

Application of Vanadium

Vanadium has many excellent physical and chemical properties, so Vanadium is widely used.
Most of the original Vanadium was used in steel, increasing the strength, toughness and abrasion resistance of steel.
About 90% of Vanadium is used in the steel industry, and Vanadium is used in steel mainly by adding Vanadium to improve strength and toughness. If Vanadium 0.1% is added to structural steel, the strength can be increased by 10%~20%, the structural weight can be reduced by 15%~25%, and the cost can be reduced by 8%~10%.

Later people gradually discovered the Vanadium in the Titanium alloy excellent improvement function, and applied to the aerospace field. With the development of science and technology, Vanadium is used more and more widely in non-steel fields, including aerospace, chemistry, batteries, optics and many other fields. Vanadium alloys are also used in magnetic materials, hard alloys, superconducting materials (such as V3Ga) and nuclear reactor materials. In addition to the above application fields, Vanadium also has a wide range of USES in glass, ceramics, medicine and other fields.

Our Vanadium product specifications

Western Alloys has Vanadium Sheet, Vanadium Foil, Vanadium Rod, Vanadium Wire, Vanadium Tube, Vanadium Target, Vanadium Parts and other products.
We can also customize the drawings according to customer requirements.

Here is some dimension of our products:

Vanadium Sheet and Vanadium Foil
Thickness Width Length Purity
0.1-20mm ≤500mm ≤1000mm ≥99.9%

Vanadium Sheets with 1-5 mm thickness can be 500mm wide and 1000mm long. For Vanadium Plates with other thickness, the length and width will gradually decrease as the thickness increases.

Vanadium Rod and Vanadium Wire
Diameter Length Purity
0.5-110mm ≤2000mm ≥99.9%
When the diameter is 50mm, the maximum length of Vanadium Rod can reach 2000mm, and when the diameter is 110mm, the maximum length of Vanadium Rod can reach 1000mm. When the diameter is 0.5mm, the maximum length of Vanadium Wire can reach hundreds meters, and when the diameter is 3mm, the maximum length of Vanadium Wire can reach 50 meters.
Common Vanadium Targets include planar Vanadium Target, Rotatable Vanadium Target, Vanadium Target with steps, multiple arc Vanadium Target.