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Titanium Capillary Tube

Titanium Capillary Tube

Application of Titanium Capillary Tube

Titanium and Titanium alloys have excellent specific strength, good biocompatibility, and other superior properties.
Therefore Titanium and Titanium alloy capillary tube are widely used in the fields of medical and human implantation.

Ti Capillary Tube
They can be used as various metal scaffolds and guide wires, joint joints, dental implants and fixation scaffolds.

Our Titanium Capillary Tube products

Western Alloys provides Titanium Capillary Tubes products that in accordance with ASTM B861 standard.
Here are some popular specifications:
OD 0.126” (+/-.002”)  x ID 0.068” (+/-.002”)  x L 12.00”
OD 0.126” (+/-.002”)  x ID 0.068” (+/-.002”)  x L 72.00”
OD 2.78mm +/-0.03mm x ID: 2.10mm +/-0.03mm x L 1800 to 2000mm
OD 2.10mm +/- 0.03mm x ID 1.60mm +/- 0.03mm x L 1800 to 2000mm