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Tantalum Wire

tantalum wire

Processing technology of Tantalum Wire

Manufacturing process: the blank can be made by electron beam melting or powder metallurgy. Electron beam smelting ingots can be extruded (processed by machine), die forged, and cold rolled bars can be pulled out to become wire.

ta wire

Applications of Tantalum Wire

Tantalum Wire has the characteristics of high melting point, corrosion resistance and good cold processing performance. It is widely used in chemical, atomic energy, aerospace and other industries and high temperature technology.
Tantalum Wire is also used to make surgical tools and implants because it can resist the erosion of biological fluids without stimulating tissue.

Properties of Tantalum Wire

Electrical and processing properties of Tantalum Wire
Grade Electrical property Processing property
Leak current/μA·cm-2 Surface specific capacitance of liquid Tantalum Wire Number of brittle bends Straightness of Tantalum Wire
Ta1 ≤0.10 10-12 0.20-0.40, ≥2 -
Ta2 0.46-1.0, ≥3 The radian test is greater than Ф500mm. The elevation is less than 25mm

Our Tantalum Wire products

Tantalum Rod, Wire and Tantalum alloy rod, Wire include pure Tantalum Rod and Wire, Tantalum 10 Tungsten Rod and Wire, Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten Rod and Wire and other conventional products, as well as various unconventional products according to customer needs.
All Western Alloys’ products above are in accordance with ASTM B365 standard. We can also provide products according the customers' special requirements.