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Classification and application of Titanium and Titanium alloy products

Strength of commercial pure Titanium is up to 350-700MPA. Strength of Titanium alloy is up to 1200MPA which is approximate to the tempering structure steel. Titanium alloy has the higher specific strength than other metal materials because its density is much lower than that of steel. This is the main reason why Titanium and Titanium alloys are suitable as aeronautical materials.
Commonly used Titanium alloys can be classified as α type Titanium alloy, β type Titanium alloy and α+β type Titanium alloy.
The most typical and frequently used Titanium alloy is TC4 alloy. Its composition is usually represented as Ti-6Al-4V(Ti Grade 5).The alloy has good mechanical properties and high microstructure stability. It is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries.

Our Titanium products

Specifications of Titanium Sheet and Titanium alloy sheet
T 0.5-1.0mm X W 1000mm X L 2000-3500mm
T 1.0-5.0mm X W 1000-1500mm X L 2000-3500mm
T 5.0-30mm X W 1000-2500mm X L 3000-6000mm
T 30-80mm X W 1000mm X L 2000mm
Specifications Titanium Rod and Titanium alloy rod
Diameter Length American standard
7mm-230mm 300mm-6000mm ASTM B348
AMS 4928
Specifications of Titanium Wire and Titanium alloy wire
Diameter Length Tolerance American standard
0.1mm-8.0mm 500mm-3000mm -0.125mm to -0.14mm ASTM B863
Specifications of Titanium Tube and Titanium alloy tube
Outer diameter Wall thickness Length American standard
4mm-126mm 0.5mm-10mm 1000mm-6000mm ASTM B861

Our Titanium and Titanium alloy products

Our company has Ti Grade 5, Ti Grade 7, Ti Grade 9, Ti Grade 12 and other commonly used Titanium alloys
Our products comply with the international standards such as ASTM B265, ASTM B348, ASTM F136, and ASTM F67. If you have any special requirement, we would like to discuss with you and find the best solutions.