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Zirconium Sheet / Plate

zirconium sheet

Processing technology of Zirconium Sheet / Plate

The structure of Zirconium Sheet / Plate is closely related to the processing technology. The rolling temperature, deformation and heat treatment system all have influences on the structure, and the rolling temperature is the most important element among them.
During the forming of sheet, special attention should be paid to bite. Rebound tendency and crack phenomenon which is easily caused by nick should also be attached importance.

zirconium plate

At room temperature, Zirconium Sheet / Plate with a thickness of less than or equal to 19mm can be bent to a bending radius of five times the thickness using standard forming equipment.
Heating to 260-427℃ can reduce the bending radius and reduce the chance of cracking.

Properties of Zirconium Sheet / Plate

Mechanical properties of Zirconium Sheet / Plate (under two different rolling processes)
Rolling technology Direction Rm/MPa Rp0.2/MPa A (%)
Forge once T 455 390 27
L 465 275 30
L-T difference 10 115 3
Forge twice T 450 275 31
L 450 280 32
L-T difference 0 5 1
ASTM B551 L >=380 >=205 >=165

Tensile properties at different temperatures

Tensile properties of industrial Zirconium Plates at high temperature

Vickers hardness of Zirconium Sheet / Plate (under two different rolling processes (HV))
Rolling technology HV1 HV2 HV3 Average
Forge once 188 186 188 187
Forge twice 145 152 143 146

Our Zirconium Sheet / Plate products

Specifications of Zirconium Sheet / Plate
Name Dimension (mm) Status Grade Standard
Zirconium Sheet  T0.5-1.0mm X W1000mm X L2000-4000mm Cold rolling Zr702 ASTM B551
T1.0-5.0mm X W1000-1500mm X L2000-3500mm
T5.0-30.0mm X W1000-2500mm X L3000-6000mm
T30-80mm X W1000mm X L2000mm