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Zr-2 Alloys

zircaloy-2 alloy rod

Application of Zr-2 alloys

Zr-2 alloys were first used on the first nuclear submarine of the United States in 1955. After over two decades of practice, it was proved to be reliable as the fuel element cladding material and pressure pipe material for boiling water reactor and pressurized water reactor.

zr-2 rod

To improve the PCI resistance of Zr-2 alloys, United States has developed the Zr-2 Tube lining technology with pure Zirconium layer thickness of 80-100μm.
Zr-2 alloys are generally used in the manufacturing of boiling water reactors.

Properties of Zr-2 alloys

Mechanical properties of Zr-2 alloys at high temperature
Grade Temperature/℃ Status High temperature mechanical properties, no less than
Rm/MPa Rp0.2/MPa A50/%
Zr-2 350 Annealing 215 120 20
Impact properties of Zr-2 alloys
Temperature/℃ Impact toughness/10-6J·m-2
17 1.13-1.27
200 6.17-6.34
375 10-11.3
Fatigue properties of Zr-2 alloys
Temperature/℃ Maximum stress/MPa Cycles Remark
400 160 (0.2-0.5)X106 Cut
400 140 1X107 Stop