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Zirconium Target

zirconium alloy target

Our Zirconium Target products

Western Alloys makes high quality Zirconium and Zirconium alloy targets of different specifications, such as Ф100mmX40mm, Ф100mmX40mm, Ф95mmX40mm, Ф95mmX45mm, Ф100mmX45mm, Ф100mmX30mm.
We have sufficient supply for the products above that could fulfill your requests at any time.

zirconium tube target

The commonly used target shapes include flat target, rectangular target, cylindrical target, step-like target and tubular target.
We could also provide customized products for other dimensions.

Application of Zirconium Target

Zirconium Target material is used in the manufacturing of semiconductor separation devices, flat display, storage electrode film, sputtering coating, workpiece surface coating and glass coating, etc.