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Niobium Titanium Alloys

niobium titanium alloy wire

Application of common Niobium Titanium alloys

50%Nb50%Ti is a very important alloy, it is a superconductor at temperatures below 43K. Its alloy wire is usually wrapped in copper.
The most popular application of these Nb-Ti Superconductors in the market is to manufacture Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) scanners used in medical institutions. Nb-Ti alloy (Nb-45% Ti) is used to manufacture light fasteners on aircrafts.

niobium titanium alloy tube

The potential demands for Niobium Superconductors in the future are mainly from nuclear fusion reactors, high-speed maglev trains, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power plants, and the storage and transmission of underground capacity. There might be more complex superconductors (such as high Te superconductors) coming out in the future to compete with Niobium Superconductors.
Nb-55Ti can be used in anti-corrosion engineering. Nb-55Ti is used for high pressure equipment to filter Gold and Nickel in high pressure and

high concentration oxygen environment. Niobium also acts as flame retardant in this environment. Niobium-containing Titanium alloys, such as IMI367, are used in surgical implants, particularly in the production of femoral components for hip repair surgery.

Our Niobium-Titanium alloy products

Our Niobium-Titanium alloy wire, Niobium-Titanium alloy tube products and so on are adapted in superconducting industry.
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Properties of Niobium Titanium alloys