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Titanium Alloys

titanium alloys

Application of Titanium alloys

Titanium and Titanium alloys have significant advantages such as high specific strength and corrosion resistance.
They are widely used in aerospace, ship, chemical industry, metallurgy and other conventional industries as well as the biomedical materials manufacturing, arts, sports, daily necessities and other aspects.

titanium alloys tube

Our Titanium alloy products

Western Alloys has all kinds of Titanium alloy products, such as Titanium alloy sheet, Titanium alloy foil, Titanium alloy rod, Titanium alloy wire, Titanium Capillary Tube and Titanium alloy parts.
All our Titanium alloy products follow ASTM, AMS, ASME standards, and we can also provide customized products according to your special request.

Classification and properties of Titanium alloys

There are many types of Titanium alloys, which fall into the following categories:
1) α Titanium alloys include industrial pure Titanium and alloys containing only α stable elements.
2) near-α Titanium alloy with the content of β stable element less than C1.
3) martensite α+β Titanium alloy with β stable element content from C1 to Ck alloy, this kind of alloy can be referred to as α+β Titanium alloy.
4) nearly metastable β Titanium alloy, the alloy with β stable element content from Ck to C3, this kind of alloy can be referred to as near β Titanium alloy.
5) metastable β Titanium alloy, stable β element content from C3 to Cβ alloy, this kind of alloy can be referred to as β Titanium alloy.
6) stable β Titanium alloy, stable β element content than Cβ alloy, this kind of alloy can be referred to as all β Titanium alloy.
Chinese grade Foreign grade Chemical composition Application
TA9 Gr7 Ti-0.2Pd high oxygen It has excellent corrosion resistance, especially suitable for chemical and shipping industry.
TA10 Gr12 Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni It has good corrosion resistance and widely used in chemical industry.
TA18 Gr9 0T4-1B Ti-3AL-2.5V It is mainly used in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing and civil industry.
TA19 Ti-6242 Ti-6AL-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo It is mainly used in the manufacture of aircraft engines.
TB5 Ti-15-3-3-3 Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3AL It is mainly used in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing and civil industry.
TB6 Ti-1023 Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al It can be used in isothermal forging to make aircraft's fuselage, wings and landing gear.
TC4 Gr5 BT6 Ti-6AL-4V It is applied in aerospace industry, marine industry, medical, automotive, civil industry.
TC4ELI Gr23 Ti-6AL-4VELI Ti-6AL-4V It is used for medical and human implants.
TC19 Ti-6246 Ti-6AL-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo It is used for aero-engine manufacturing, deep well exploration.
TC20 IMI367 Ti-6AL-7Nb It has good biocompatibility and is used in human surgical implantation.
  Gr36 Ti-45Nb Niobium Titanium alloy is used for superconducting and aerospace fasteners.
TA1(TA1-A) Gr1 BT1-00  industrial pure Titanium  
TA1ELL Gr1 ELI industrial pure Titanium  
TA1-1 BT1-00CB  industrial pure Titanium  
TA2 Gr2-BT1-0 industrial pure Titanium  
TA2ELI   industrial pure titanium  
TA3 Gr3 industrial pure Titanium  
TA3ELI   industrial pure Titanium  
TA4 Gr4 industrial pure Titanium  
TA4ELI   industrial pure titanium  
TA5(TA5-A)   Ti-4AL-0.005B  
TA6 BT5 Ti-5AL  
TA7 Gr6 BT5-1 Ti-5AL-2.5Sn  
TA7ELI(TA70) Ti-5AL-2.5Sn(ELI) Ti-5AL-2.5Sn(ELI)  
TA8 Gr16 Ti-0.5Pd high oxygen  
TA8-1 Gr17 Ti-0.5Pd low oxygen  
TA9-1 Gr11 Ti-0.2Pd low oxygen  
TA11 Ti-811 Ti-8AL-1Mo-1V  
TA12   Ti-5.5AL-4Sn-2Zr-1Mo-0.2Si-1Nd  
TA12-1   Ti-5.5AL-4Sn-2Zr-1.5Mo-0.2Si-1Nd  
TA13 IMI230 Ti-2.5Cu  
TA14 Ti-679(IMI679) Ti-2.3AL-11Sn-5Zr-1Mo-0.2Si  
TA15 BT20 Ti-6.5AL-1Mo-1V-2Zr  
TA15-1 BT20-1CB Ti-2.5AL-1Mo-1V-1.5Zr  
TA15-2 BT20-2CB Ti-4AL-1Mo-1V-1.5Zr  
TA16 IIT-7M Ti-2AL-2.5Zr  
TA17 IIT-3B Ti-4AL-2V  
TA20 CITT-2 Ti-4AL-3V-1.5Zr  
TA21 OT4-O Ti-1AL-1Mn  
TA22 Ti-31 Ti-3AL-1Mo-1Ni-1Zr  
TA22-1 Ti-31A Ti-3AL-0.5Mo-0.5Ni-0.5Zr  
TA23 Ti-70 Ti-2.5AL-2Zr-1Fe  
TA23-1 Ti-70A Ti-2.5AL-2Zr-1Fe  
TA24 Ti-75 Ti-3Al-2Mo-2Zr  
TA24-1 Ti-75A Ti-2Al-1.5Mo-2Zr  
TA25 Gr18 Ti-3Al-2.5V-0.05Pd  
TA26 Gr28 Ti-3Al-2.5V-0.1Ru  
TA27 Gr26 Ti-0.10Ru high oxygen  
TA27-1 Gr27 Ti-0.10Ru low oxygen  
TA28   Ti-3Al  
TB2   Ti-3AL-5Mo-5V-8Cr  
TB3   Ti-3.5AL-10Mo-8V-1Fe  
TB4   Ti-4AL-7Mo-10V-2Fe-1Zr  
TB7 Ti-32 Ti-32Mo  
TB8 β21s Ti-15Mo-3AL-2.7Nb-0.25Si  
TB9 βc Ti-3AL-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr  
TB10 Ti-5523 Ti-5Mo-5V-2Cr-3Al  
TB11 Ti-15Mo Ti-15Mo  
TC1 OT4-1 Ti-2AL-1.5Mn  
TC2 OT4 Ti-4AL-1.5Mn  
TC3   Ti-5AL-4V  
TC6 BT3-1 Ti-6AL-1.5Cr-2.5Mo-0.5Fe-0.3Si  
TC8 BT8 Ti-6AL-3.5Mo-0.25Si  
TC9   Ti-6.5AL-3.5Mo-2.5Sn-0.3Si  
TC10 Ti-662 Ti-6AL-6V-2Sn-0.5Cu-0.5Fe  
TC11 BT9 Ti-6.5AL-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si  
TC12   Ti-5AL-4Mo-4Cr-2Zr-2Sn-1Nb  
TC15 Ti-5AL-2.5Fe Ti-5AL-2.5Fe  
TC16 BT16 Ti-3AL-5Mo-4.5V  
TC17 Ti-17 Ti-5AL-2Sn-2Zr-4Mo-4Cr  
TC18 BT22 Ti-5AL-4.75Mo-4.75V-1Cr-1Fe  
TC21 Ti-62222S Ti-6AL-2.5Mo-2Nb-2Sn-2Zr-1.5Cr-0.1Si  
TC22 Gr24 Ti-6AL-4V-0.05Pd  
TC23 Gr29 Ti-6AL-4V-0.1Ru  
TC24 Ti-4322  SP-700 Ti-4.5AL-3V-2Mo-2Fe  
TC25 BT25 Ti-6.5al-2Mo-1Zr-1Sn-1W-0.2Si  
TC26 Ti-13Nb-13Zr Ti-13Nb-13Zr  

Diagram of relation between phase composition of Titanium alloy after quenching from β phase and β stable element content