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Tantalum Niobium Alloy

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Application of Tantalum Niobium alloy

Ta-Nb series alloys have the best corrosion resistance performance among Tantalum alloys. Such alloys include alloys resistant to acid corrosion and alloys for vacuum gauges.
Among Ta-Nb series alloys, Ta-40Nb is a newly developed alloy with low price and mainly used in chemical industry.

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Ta-Nb series alloy has excellent corrosion resistance to acid-base solutions, chlorine gas and chloride. The Nb content in the alloy can be determined by the mass fraction of the acid.
Tantalum Niobium alloy used on electric vacuum instrument has good process performance and can replace the scarce Tantalum in the structure of electric vacuum instrument.

Our Tantalum Niobium alloy products

The most common Tantalum Niobium alloys are Ta-3Nb, Ta-20Nb, Ta-30Nb, Ta-40Nb and so on.
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