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Zirconium Wire

zirconium wire

Application of Zirconium Wire

Zirconium Wire can be used for human implants and medical devices. Zirconium Wire also has the property of strong corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in chemical industry.

zirconium alloy wire

Our Zirconium Wire products

Diameter 0.01-6mm
Length >1000mm

Composition of Zirconium alloy wire

Chemical composition of Nb-1Zr Wire
Chemical composition ωB Chemical composition ωB
C 0.0014 Mo 0.0010
N 0.0055 Si 0.0035
H 0.0005 W 0.0010
O 0.0068 Cr <0.0005
Fe 0.0015 Zr 1.0300
Ti <0.0005 Nb Remainder