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Tantalum Parts

tantalum crucible

Processing technology of Tantalum Parts

Tantalum can be processed into various parts for various applications. Pure Tantalum has characteristics of good plasticity, small deformation resistance and low processing hardening rate. All kinds of profiles or shapes of Tantalum Parts can be made through plastic machining.
Tantalum Plate can be made into cup, cap, pipe, cone, nozzle and other parts of different shapes by spinning and deep drawing.

tantalum screw

We can design and produce all kinds of Tantalum Parts such as Ta-10W Parts, Ta-2.5W Parts, Ta-Nb alloy parts according to customer’s requirements.

Application of Tantalum parts

Tantalum Parts can be used to make heating parts, heat insulation parts and charging vessels for vacuum blast furnaces.
In chemical industry, Tantalum Parts can be used to make digesters, heaters, coolers, and all kinds of utensils and appliances. Tantalum Parts are also widely used in aerospace, medical equipment and other fields.