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Ti 10-2-3

Ti 10-2-3 rod

Popular specification of Ti 10-2-3 alloy

Ti-1023 Rod:
Diameter 101.6 X L 1828.8mm
Diameter 100 X L 500mm
Diameter 12.7 X L 1000mm
Diameter 8 X L 1500mm

Ti 10-2-3 wire
Ti-1023 Wire:
Diameter 1inch X L
Diameter 2.0mm X L
Diameter 3.2mm X L

Ti 10-2-3 alloy application

Ti-1023 alloy has been widely used in aerospace industry because of its excellent strength, toughness and high cycle fatigue performance.
Meanwhile, the Ti-1023 alloy can also be used in the automotive industry for various joints and transmission devices which require higher strength.

Ti 10-2-3 alloy chemical composition

Ti-10Al-2Fe-3V alloy chemical composition (mass fraction)
Alloy element Impurities≤
Al V Fe Ti C N H Y O Other elements
Each Total
2.6-3.4 9.0-11.0 1.6-2.2 Balance 0.05 0.05 0.02 0.005 0.13 0.10 0.30