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Tantalum Foil / Strip

tantalum foil

Properties of Tantalum Foil / Strip

Tantalum Foil / Strip has good plasticity. It can be processed through cold forging, rolling, punching, pulling, spinning, extrusion, bending and other processing method. Hot working needs to be done under inert gas protection. Tantalum Foil / Strip cannot be folded when in recrystallization annealing.

tantalum strip

Application of Tantalum Foil / Strip

High performance Tantalum Foil / Strip, after producing an oxidized film on the surface, can be stamped into a circular cup for six successive deep cuts. Tantalum Cup and Crucible can be used for corrosion resistant in chemical industry and medical industry.
High performance Tantalum Foil can be used as a shell for all Tantalum capacitors. It can also be used in metallurgical industry, as a part of vacuum high temperature furnace, which can inhibit the growth of Tantalum grain under high temperature conditions.

Our Tantalum Foil / Strip product

Tantalum Foil / Strip
Thickness Width Length
0.025-0.1mm 50-350mm >100mm in coil
Besides pure Tantalum Foil, we also have Ta-10W Foil, Ta-2.5W Foil and Tantalum Niobium alloy foil.
Western Alloys' Tantalum Foil products accord with the international standards such as ASTM B708, AMS 7849C and so on.