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Niobium Tube Target

niobium target

Niobium Tube Target processing

Niobium Tube billet was first made through vacuum electron beam melting and casting molding were cleaned by vacuum electron beam melting and casting, then the internal and external wall of the Niobium Tube billet was cleaned through turning process. After that the molten pure Titanium solution was cast in vacuum by electros lag furnace and filled with the inner hole of Niobium tube billet to form Niobium Titanium composite rod.

Nb tube target

After cooling, the center hole of the Niobium Titanium composite rod was cut, then heated and extruded to the required size.
After straightening, the Niobium Tube Target was obtained by machining the inner and outer surface of Niobium Titanium composite pipe.
We can also produce Niobium Tube Target with the spraying technology.

Our Niobium Tube Target products

Common Niobium Tube products include pure Niobium Tube Target, Nb-10Zr Tube Target, all our products above follow ASTM B394.

Some popular dimensions of Nb Tube Target and Nb-10Zr Tube Target
OD ID Long
151mm +/-.5mm ( 5.945" +/-.020")  125mm +.1/-.5mm (4.921" +.004"/-.020") 3860mm
155mm 125mm 2430mm
152.4mm 135mm 319.1mm
152.5mm 125mm 2886mm

Application of Niobium Tube Target

Niobium Tube Target is widely used in the coating of optical glass, low-e glass, thin film solar cell, Flat display, electronic device, and semiconductor etc.