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Rhenium Pellet

rhenium pellet

Overview of Rhenium Pellet

Rhenium Pellet is the finished product with certain shape after the high temperature and high-pressure processing on pure Rhenium metal. Its appearance is silvery, and it is usually casted in the form of metal cylinders or square blocks. As a super alloy element, the purity and compactness of Rhenium Pellet are the key reference indexes to evaluate its quality.

rhenium ingot

The chemical purity and density of Rhenium Pellet and Ingot produced by Western Alloys are all above 99.99% (Purity) and above 18g/cm3 (Density), which are pure Rhenium products with high quality that can fully meet the requirements of superalloy casting.

Our Rhenium Pellet product

Rhenium content: Re≥99.99%
Metal Impurity (maximum,%)
Na 0.0005 Ti 0.0001 Cu 0.0001 Sb 0.0001
Mg 0.0001 V 0.0001 Zn 0.0001 Ta 0.0001
Al 0.0005 Cr 0.0001 As 0.0001 W 0.0005
Si 0.0005 Mn 0.0001 Zr 0.0005 Pb 0.0001
P 0.0005 Fe 0.0008 Mo 0.0010 Bi 0.0001
K 0.0005 Co 0.0001 Cd 0.0001 Se 0.0001
Ca 0.0005 Ni 0.0001 Sn 0.0001 Tl 0.0001

Application of Rhenium Pellet

Rhenium Pellet and Rhenium Ingot are generally used as the element additive in casting super alloy, which is used for making key structural parts of high-performance fighter aircraft and large aircraft engine, as well as high-temperature alloy parts in aerospace and military weapon and equipment manufacturing fields, and other high-temperature resistant fields.