Tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire

Tantalum 2.5 tungsten is a linear material made from the mixture of tantalum and tungsten two metals, where the "2.5" indicates that the mass percentage of tungsten is 2.5%, so the composition of tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire is 97.5% tantalum and 2.5% tungsten.

Compared with pure tantalum wire, tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire has higher strength and hardness, but still maintains the high temperature properties and corrosion resistance of tantalum. Due to the relatively low cost of tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire, in some applications requiring high strength and high temperature performance, tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire can be chosen to replace the higher tungsten content of the alloy wire such as tantalum 10 tungsten.

The main application areas of tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire include electronics, semiconductors, aerospace and other fields, such as for the production of high temperature furnace heating elements, aerospace engine parts, semiconductor equipment electrodes and so on. In addition, tantalum 2.5 tungsten wire can also be used to make a variety of high temperature strength requirements of the parts, such as gas turbine blades, gas turbine rotor and so on.