How to prevent hexagonal bolts from loosening in titanium standard parts?

Hex bolts have a wide range of applications. It can be said that from small hardware, small electronic products, electrical products to cars, ships, everywhere... Of course, the main applications are still concentrated in electronic products, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, chemicals, water conservancy, mechanical equipment, furniture and other fields. From this point of view, the role of hex bolts is really great, but there are usually some problems in use, that is, there may be embarrassing problems such as slippage. What should I do when I encounter such problems?

Titanium standard parts manufacturers take you to analyze the reasons for the hexagonal bolts to slip.

Place the saw blade on the hex bolt and reciprocate the saw. If the screw is too tight, you can only try other methods at this time, such as smashing with a hammer and a screwdriver. For longer cup-shaped hex bolts, the situation is better than before. At this time, please use a firm pliers to hold the screw, and then you can easily unscrew the screw.

But sometimes the screws are loosened by vibration or shaking. In this case, prevent the hex bolts from loosening. So what is the specific anti-loosening method? Let's take a quick look at it.

1. The use of better elastic materials, such as engineering resin materials. It is connected to the thread of the hex bolt, so that it has mechanical friction with the nut or material product, resulting in vibration and resistance, which can solve the problem of screw loosening.

2. A layer of glue is applied to the thread of the inner hex bolt, that is, the so-called glue, which has high viscosity and good performance. The glue is applied to the inner hexagon bolt, and the dry adhesive force can make the screw thread combination of the cup head hexagon bolt, or the product thread hole combination, with good fastening and anti-loosening effect.

3. Add a spring pad on the screw, the purpose is to increase the pressure through the resilience, so that it can be locked when tightened.

4. If it is the screw hole inside the equipment, you can use a slightly longer hex bolt to screw in, and install spring washers and nuts.