Characteristics and manufacturing process of tantalum tubes

Tantalum tube is a new metal, and the titanium industry has a history of only more than 60 years. First of all, the plastic processing of titanium uses metal plastic processing technology. Therefore, the basic theory and processing principles of metal plastic processing are equal to the basic theories and processing principles of titanium plastic processing.

The plastic processing of tantalum tubes uses metal plastic processing technology, which is a technical process of processing titanium ingots into various titanium materials. When developing titanium plastic processing, you must understand metal plastic processing skills and benefit from and learn from them.

Tantalum tube The current titanium processing industry is developing rapidly. This is not only related to the many excellent properties of titanium that have gained a lot of favor in industrial fields, but also to the mature metal plastic processing technology that can be used, that is, there are long-standing steel and non-ferrous metal processing Skills and equipment can be used and learned, which allows titanium plastic processing skills to be improved and matured quickly. In other words, it utilizes the plasticity of solid titanium and applies external force to the titanium ingot with the help of tools to force it to plastically deform and achieve the desired titanium material.