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Zr-4 Tube / Zr-4 Bar

zircaloy 4 rod

Production of Zr-4 Tube and Zr-4 Bar

To obtain the desired surface quality, cold rolling process is usually used in the production of Zr-4 Tubes rather than drawing process.
For cladding tube of the nuclear fuel elements, due to the high consumption and strict standard, two-roll or multi-roll cold rolling are usually used.

zircaloy 4 tube

The size range of Zirconium alloy cladding tube for PWR is φ6 ~ 15mm × wall thickness 0.4 ~ 0.7mm. Zr-4 Rods for fuel element end plugs are normally produced through extruding the rods and forging them by cold rotation instead of cold drawing process.

Application of Zr-4 Tube and Zr-4 Bar

Zr-4 alloy has excellent nuclear and structural properties. It is widely used as a structural material in nuclear reactors, and Zr-4 Tube is mainly used as the cladding material of nuclear fuel.
Zr-4 Rods are mainly used for fuel element end plugs.

Our Zr-4 Tube and Zr-4 Bar products

Zr-4 Tube follows ASTM B353 R60804, Zr-4 Rod follows ASTM B351 R60804.

Popular dimensions
Zr-4 Bar Diameter 110mm Length 1500mm
Diameter 6" Length 36"
Diameter 10mm Length 1000mm
Diameter 1.25" Length 72"
Zr-4 Tube OD110XID94XL1500mm