Why are titanium products so expensive

The application of titanium is rich and colorful, but at present, the general price of titanium products on the market will be higher, so that many consumers will be discouraged, so what is the reason why the price of titanium products has been staying at a high level?

After years of mining, large-scale and high-quality resources have been exhausted. Moreover, most of the current development is mainly by private mining, which is difficult to form large-scale development and utilization. Some coastal titanium sand ore has radioactive elements, and the mining pressure is great.

As a new metal material, the demand for titanium is very strong. The consumption of titanium is directly proportional to the comprehensive national strength and the degree of development of a country. With the continuous strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength, the consumption of titanium also grows rapidly.

In addition, titanium is also widely used in chemical industry, sports electronics, automobile, medicine and other fields. Currently, only a few industrialized countries can produce titanium in the world.

To sum up, there are many factors affecting the high price of titanium products, such as cultural value, high demand, difficult production and so on.