Build China Titanium Valley to become the global titanium industry center

Titanium has a density is small, large specific strength, good corrosion resistance, heat resisting performance ten characteristics, widely used in aviation, aerospace, Marine, chemical industry, building materials, health care, sports and other fields, is known as "metal" space, "Marine metal", "metal" wisdom, is indispensable to improve the level of defense equipment important strategic materials, obtained the social widespread attention and recognition. This also provides a rare opportunity and huge market demand for the innovative development, transformation development and accelerated development of the titanium industry.

Baoji China Titanium Valley is one of the first national patent navigation development experimental areas and the national titanium industry innovation cluster. There are 503 enterprises engaged in scientific research, production and processing of titanium industry and 146 sales enterprises, which can produce titanium and titanium alloy profile pipes of 95 grades, 244 varieties and more than 5,000 specifications. Industry service organizations such as Shanxi Titanium and Rare Metal Materials Industry Alliance, Baoji Titanium Industry Association and Titanium Materials Application Innovation Incubator Center have been established, with 2 national technology centers, 2 research and development centers, 2 postdoctoral workstations, 2 academician workstations and 2 key laboratories. Two guiding funds and several special funds have been set up, and baoji Branch of northwest Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals has been established, with 17,000 first-class experts in China. Baoji titanium industry represents the advanced level of research and development and production of titanium materials in China, and its industrial scale ranks first in China and second in the world.

"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, China baoji will think globally, high positioning, increasing supply side structural reform, developing innovative titanium industry with greater strength, make billions of titanium industry cluster, baoji, China titanium valley construction industrialization ability to become the strongest, the optimal market environment, and the future of the most internationalized international titanium industry center.