Introduction of niobium, tungsten and hafnium alloys

Niobium alloy based on niobium with a certain amount of tungsten and hafnium added.It is developed on the basis of niobium tungsten alloy.

With the increase of tungsten content, the strength increases, the plastic-brittle transition temperature increases, and the weldability and coating properties deteriorate.

Adding some elements such as hafnium and yttrium into niobium-tungsten alloy can improve the coating properties and welding properties of the alloy, reduce the plastic-brittle transition temperature and increase the creep strength. In 1962, Nb-10W-10Hf alloy was successfully developed in the United States, and later developed into NB-10W-10HF-0.1Y alloy.

Niobium, tungsten and hafnium alloys can be divided into solid solution strengthening alloys and dispersion strengthening alloys according to the strengthening mode.

Niobium-tungsten-hafnium alloy can be used to manufacture parts and conduits of space shuttle, missile, space power generation system and so on, which work below 1645℃ for a long time.