Nb-Ti-Al elastic alloys characteristics

(1) Non-magnetic: its magnetic susceptibility is on the order of 10-6.
(2) Constant elasticity: with low elastic modulus and temperature coefficient, it can be used to make elastic sensitive elements, which can significantly improve the instrument accuracy.
(3) High temperature resistance: Nb-38.5Ti-5.5Al alloy can still maintain its elasticity when used at 400℃ for a long time, and still has sufficient stress relaxation stability until 500℃.
(4) Low elastic modulus: The room temperature elastic modulus E of Nb-38.5Ti-5.5Al alloy is 108GPa, which is 40% ~ 50% lower than that of ordinary elastic alloy. Under the same stress state, the elastic element of niobium base alloy can obtain greater elastic strain, which improves the sensitivity of the instrument accordingly.
(5) High energy storage ratio.
(6) Excellent corrosion resistance in strong erosive media.
(7) Low elastic lag and elastic aftereffect. Compared with other elastic alloys, niobium based elastic alloys have the best comprehensive properties and should be used as high precision instrument elastic sensitive components requiring non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, constant elastic, high energy storage ratio and high temperature.