Characteristics and applications of tantalum and tantalum alloys

Tantalum has a high melting point, low vapor pressure, small expansion coefficient, good ductility and processing properties. Its oxide film is dense and has good dielectric properties. Therefore, the main use of tantalum is to make electrolytic capacitors; tantalum is also a high-power It is a good material for electron tube parts and can be used to make anodes, grids and cathodes. Tantalum has good high-temperature properties and is used as support accessories, heat shields, heaters and heat sinks in high-temperature vacuum furnaces. Tantalum is also an excellent superconducting material.

The chemical properties of tantalum are particularly stable and have good resistance to chemical corrosion. It can only be dissolved in sulfuric acid and strong alkali solutions at high temperatures. The equipment made of tantalum is widely used in strong acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industries.

In addition, tantalum is also an important additive element in the smelting of super-strength steel, corrosion-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel. Tantalum carbide is a good cutting tool material with great hardness. It can be used to replace the hardest alloy or diamond to make turning tools and various drill bits. It can also be used to make forging molds and antioxidant coating materials. Tantalum also has the same stability and healing properties as human tissue, and is non-irritating to the human body. It is widely used in orthopedics and brain surgery.