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Nb-Ti Capillary Tube & Quantum Computer

Niobium-titanium capillary tube

Specification of Nb-Ti capillary tube for quantum computer:

OD1mm X Wall Thickness 0.14mm X 1000mm
OD1.4mm X Wall Thickness 0.14mm X 1000mm
OD2.2mm X Wall Thickness 0.18mm X 1500mm
OD2.19mm X Wall Thickness 0.26mm X 1000mm

Niobium-titanium wire

Nb-Ti superconducting wire specification


Introduction of superconducting quantum computers

The research and development of quantum computer is a hot field in the current international science and technology competition.
Superconducting quantum is an important technology in quantum communication, it is being controled by physicists at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is preparing for the creation of quantum devices in the future, including powerful, super-fast quantum computers.
Superconducting computer is a computer and its components produced by using superconducting technology.
Its switching speed can reach several microseconds. Its computing speed is faster than the current electronic computer and it consumes less electric energy. Superconducting computers can play a great role in the development of human civilization.
Because of its excellent superconducting properties, niobium titanium wire can be processed into superconducting cables, which has a broad prospect in the field of superconducting computers.

The relationship between superconductivity and quantum computer

Niobium superconducting materials can be fabricated as Josephson castings by forming thin films on very thin insulators using sputtering or evaporation. Common niobium titanium alloys include NbTi45%, Nb53%Ti47%, NbTi50%, etc.
The superconducting products for superconducting computers include niobium titanium capillary tube and so on. Scientists are working on using semiconductors and superconductors to make transistors, or even superconductors entirely.