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niobium fs-85 alloy rod

Application of FS-85 Niobium alloy

FS-85 (Nb-28Ta-10W-1Zr) is the structural material for the orbital operating system engines of space shuttles.
Our FS-85 Sheet, FS-85 Rod and FS-85 Parts products are widely used in military and aviation industry.

Properties of FS85 alloy

Mechanical properties of FS-85 at room temperature (21℃)
Grade Composition (mass fraction) % Modulus of elasticity/MPa Tensile strength/MPa Yield strength/MPa Elongation/%
FS-85 28Ta-11W-0.8Zr 140620 604.7 485.1 22
High temperature industrial Niobium alloy
Grade Composition wt% 800℃
Thermal conductivity W/m·℃
Thermal conductivity W/m·℃
Total radiation rate
Total radiation rate
Melting point/℃ 20℃ Coefficient of thermal expansion
X 10-6/℃
FS-85 28Ta-11W-0.8Zr 52.8 56.7 - - 10.6 - 7.1
Physical properties of FS-85
Grade Composition Density
Melting point/℃ Recrystallization temperature/℃ Annealing temperature/℃ Brittle transition temperature at elongation/℃
FS-85 28Ta-11W-0.8Zr 10.61 2592 1093-1371 1010 -196