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Ta-10W Wire

Tantalum 10 tungsten alloy wire
Ta 10W wire

Properties and application of Ta10W Wire

Ta-10W Wire (R05255) is stronger than pure Tantalum Wire, but its corrosion resistance is close to that of pure Tantalum Wire. So it has been used in chemical industry and aerospace.
Moreover, Ta10W Wire has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can be used at a high temperature of 2500℃.

ASTM standard mechanical properties of Tantalum 10 Tungsten Wire (annealed)

Grade Diameter/inch Ultimate tensile strength/MPa Elongation, min%
R05255 0.01-0.0149 482 5
R05255 0.015-0.0249 482 10
R05255 0.025-0.124 482 15

Our Ta10W Wire products

Here are some dimensions we produce regularly:
Ta-10W Wire Diameter 0.039" (1mm)
Ta-10W Wire Diameter 0.024" (0.6mm)
Ta-10W Wire Diameter 0.045"(1.143mm)
Ta-10W Wire Diameter 0.060"(1.524mm)
Ta-10W Wire Diameter 0.062"(1.575mm)
Usually we follow ASTM B365 R05255, if you have any special request, we are glad to discuss with you further.